Sean McNally, MA, LLPC*

Specializing in Men's Issues


Have pornography use or sexual thoughts/behavior intruded on and derailed your professional or personal life? Do worry and feelings of panic flood your mind and keep you up at night? Could your life benefit from learning healthier ways to relate and communicate with your friends, family, or coworkers? Have your circumstances caused your spiritual life to take a blow or experience doubt and confusion?

If so, I’ll work alongside you to identify problem areas, explore their potential connections and foundations in your childhood, and implement positive alternative thoughts and behaviors. We'll work together to not only address everyday stressors, but also dig deeper to create a positive sense of identity and foster a mindset of capability and confidence to better manage life’s stressors. 

Men and adolescents who battle with sexual issues, anxiety and depression, relational or communication-based problems, and spiritual struggles will find ease and newfound confidence in my experience and client-tailored approach. It won’t be an overnight solution—progress takes time and there is no Magic Pill—but I have helped many clients find healing and success in their personal goals by joining them in their struggle and challenging them to explore the deeper wounds that have caused them long-term pain. 

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  • Limited Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Advanced Cognitive Behavioral and Relational Therapy  
  • Mindfulness for Clinical Practice 
  • Gottman Level 1 Clinical Training: Bridging The Couple Chasm


Sean McNally, M.A., LLPC** graduated with his Master's in Counseling Psychology from Moody Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Jamie, founded Sycamore Counseling and Coaching to offer the Metro Detroit community an affordable therapy resource that provides effective counseling by viewing each client as a unique individual with a story.  

Prior to starting Sycamore, Sean served as a member of the clinic management team at InterSessions Psychological Services, where he was responsible for the professional development and training of Graduate Student Interns pursuing their Masters in Counseling Psychology. Sean has experience working with adults, teenagers, and adolescents. He focuses primarily on men's issues and has extensive experience working with issues related to spiritual doubts, pornography use, and relational issues.

**Limited Licensed Professional Counselors (LLPC) are supervised by a Licensed Professional Counselor with a "supervisor endorsement"