Veronica Thomas, MA, LLP*

Specializing in anxiety, teenage mental health, & couples therapy

Constant worry is debilitating and interrupts our daily lives and joy.

Being a teenage girl in today's culture brings hardships that previous generations of kids never had to deal with.

Marriage and relationships are hard and messy.

If anxious thoughts are weighing you down, if your teenage daughter tells you everything...except when she doesn't,  or if you are are in a relationship and losing hope, Veronica will journey with you through the battle of taking control of your thoughts, through conflict, and through the process of self-discovery. 

Veronica also works with a variety of women's issues including depression, spiritual doubts, relational concerns, prenatal, perinatal, and postnatal concerns, and so much more. She understands that the agony that accompanies infertility, miscarriage, or the loss of a baby is indescribable. She  is familiar with the questions that arise when we are faced with struggles that make us value our faith and values. The darkness of depression is a place where Veronica has ventured with many clients, helping guide them to a lighter place and more hopeful reality. If you are a woman struggling with pregnancy-related concerns, or are an individual dealing with grief and loss, spiritual confusion, or depression, Veronica would be honored to walk alongside you.


Veronica Thomas, M.A., LLP* graduated with her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Grand Valley State University and Master's in Counseling Psychology from Moody Theological Seminary. She has experience working with families in the adoption process, with blended families, and with women's issues related to pregnancy, infertility, and motherhood. She formerly served as the Assistant Clinic Manager at InterSessions Psychological Services Clinic where she trained Graduate Student Interns overseeing all aspects of their professional development. Veronica has actively served in youth ministry for several years. 

    • Limited Licensed Psychologist
    • Gottman Level 1 Clinical Training:Bridging The Couple Chasm
    • Gottman Level 2 Clinical Training: Assessment, Intervention, and Co-Morbodities 
    • Psychological and Spiritual First Aid 

 *Limited Licensed Psychologists (LLPs) are supervised by a fully licensed Psychologist