Halli Carbrey, MA, LLPC*

Specializing in Grief, Attachment, Communication, and Infidelity and Sex Issues Within Marriage

Intimacy concerns in relationships can cause intense feelings of loneliness. Early attachments and family-of-origin issues can affect our relationships later in life and play a pivotal role in ways we may not realize. Loss is something we endure, and learn to cope with, but not something that we forget.

If you are dealing with conflict or isolation within marriage, if you want to improve the way that you communicate with your significant other, or if you want to better understand the impact that your early experiences are having on your life now, Halli would be honored to help you through the heaviness of those difficulties. The challenges of life can be difficult to address without a safe place to receive support from someone you can trust. Halli can provide that safe space and can assist with the private and personal details of your life. 


Halli Carbrey, M.A., LLPC, holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Buffalo State College and a Master’s in Counseling Psychology from Moody Theological Seminary. Halli has experience working with couples struggling with communication, sex issues, infidelity, grief, and has counseled couples where one or both of the individuals in the relationship have ongoing mental health challenges. Halli also utilizes attachment theory as a way of understanding how partners were taught to give and receive love. She helps couples both understand how their differences in that realm are causing problems for them in their relationship today, but also how to solve those problems. She previously worked as part of the management team at InterSessions Psychological Services clinic, where she worked closely with Master’s level interns completing their practicum experience. Halli is also passionate about walking alongside those experiencing struggles in parenthood; especially in the postpartum period. Halli is intentional about building a safe, non-judgmental environment for her clients, and desires to see people experience restoration, wholeness, and healing through their journey in therapy.

    • Limited Licensed Professional Counselor
    • Gottman Level 1 Clinical Training:Bridging The Couple Chasm
    • Gottman Level 2 Clinical Training: Assessment, Intervention, and Co-Morbodities 
    • Diagnosing and Treating Sex Issues with Couples, from the Institute for Relational Intimacy

 **Limited Licensed Professional Counselors (LLPC) are supervised by a Licensed Professional Counselor with a "supervisor endorsement"